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I have been consistently impressed with HRI’s ability to provide timely, capable, and competent employees to help fulfill our most challenging assignments.

Besides being a joy to work with, HRI is a take-charge company who is able to present creative ideas and communicate effectively with short notice. HRI is very easy to work with and I would recommend their service to any company in need of warehouse, distribution, or logistics assistance."

  — Manager, Warehouse & Distribution
Global Freight Forwarding Company

Are you in compliance with the Protection Laws to protect the personal information you have access to for both your employees and your customers from potential identity theft? Employee or customer information lost under the wrong set of circumstances may cost your company:

• Federal and state fines of $2500 per occurrence
• Civil liability of $1000 per occurrence
• Class action lawsuits with no statutory limitation
• Responsible for actual losses of individual ($92,893 average)

To comply with the safeguard and security rules of these laws businesses are required to:

• Appoint an Information Security Officer
• Develop a written policy to protect the information
• Hold mandatory trainings for employees who have access to the information

If you have questions about these rulings and how to evaluate your system to meet compliance of the FTC rules please contact Joelle Roening of Prepaid Legal Services business solutions for a FREE consultation and information about the mandatory meetings.

Joelle has been an asset to HRI for many years providing information and services that protect our employees and applicants. She is a trusted advisor and friend.

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• Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act:
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